Everything you need to know about the pandas.

Are you a panda lover? Then you must know who the pandas are…

Panda are the bear like specie having black and white body which makes them quite attractive and a best know species in the world.

They comes under the mammals category having omnivore diet, Pandas has the life span of about 20 year and are 4-5 ft in height and weighs about 200lbs(100kg) on an average.

Pandas is among the most endangered species and are about 1600 only in the wild and are found in bamboo forest in the mountainous region of southern western china.

One of the most curious and debatable question about the panda Is,
Panda a beer or racoon?
The answer is “PANDA IS A PANDA”. Since Pandas shares characteristics of both the bear and racoon. One can’t put them in a beer or racoon category. {source: The Last Panda by George B. Schaller }


Some Facts about the panda you would love to know:

  • Pandas spend 12-16 hours a day only in eating.
  • Pandas diet include vegetation and small animal but the bamboo remain their favourite and account more than 90% of their diet.
  • Bamboo being low in nutrition they have to eat a lot and to eat fast.
  • Pandas sleeps only for 2-4 hours  at a time as there most of the time spends in eating.
  • Pandas are notorious and shy animal prefers to live alone.
  • They mate in spring and give birth five months later.
  • Panda can smell the presence of other panda, which they uses in the mating session in search of female panda.
  • Pandas are born blind and remain with their mother for 18 months.
  • Pandas develop their black and white appearance later at the time of birth they are white in colour.
  • Pandas have tails.
  • They did not hibernate just migrate small distance since they cant stop eating.
  • Declared as the vulnerable species BY IUCN.

WWF,World WILDLIFE FUND is the First International Organisation works in China on invitation of Chinese Government for the conservation of PANDAs.

Source: http://www.onekind.org
Image source: http://www.google.co.in,


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